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Anonymous: Millions Knives


oh man aLIVE I’m going with manga knives here even though I haven’t finished reading the manga yet *cracks knuckles* let’s do this shit

Why I like them: Okay, first of all, his powers are pretty cool, I really like his knife-y powers. Aside from that he’s a smug, murderous asshole and I have a weakness for smug murderous assholes (*see Solf J. Kimblee from FMA) and I gotta admit that he does pull some pretty cool stunts. His reasons for what he does are the same as Vash’s but he just took a different direction and I just, man, I know he’s really awful to EVERYONE but he still really cares about Vash and doesn’t want to see his brother die and that’s really important.

Why I don’t: you fucking dOUCHEBAG if you just had some DAMN PATIENCE you could help change the human race but nnoooooooo you just have to DESTROY EVERYTHING and LOCK UP YOUR BROTHER AND TORMENT THE HELL OUT OF HIM YOU DUMB FUCK

Favorite story arc: Like I said I haven’t finished the manga yet but, I really like when Vash tried to fight him and Knives just BEAT HIM DOWN and LOCKED HIM UP like. Knives, no. That’s not helping. That being said, I also like when Little Kid Knives started crying because he was so afraid that he wasn’t going to be accepted as a person. That just really got to me.

Favorite AU: I don’t actually know a lot of the AUs of the fandom but there was one—I forgot who came up with it—where they were all in a mental asylum and the whole thing was just their psychosis. I can’t say no to mental asylums.

Favorite line: Oh geez, um. I can’t think of one…

Favorite outfit: Little Kid Knives in his baggy shirt and shorts. I want to hug Little Knives.

OTP: Don’t. Really have one……

Brotp: Knives with friends???????

Head Canon: I dunno if Plants actually need to eat but I like to imagine Knives has a sweet tooth and a penchant for the gourmet.

Unpopular opinion: Dunno if this counts but I don’t like how he absorbed all those Plants, it’s kind of creepy…


An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen: don’tkillvashdon’tkillyourbrother

5 words to best describe them: douchebag, smug, asshole, manipulative little shit

My nickname for them: fucking douchebag (in case that wasn’t clear already)

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I have found myself growing very fond of this isosceles jackass 

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Feed Me!!

More JTHM sketches for all my little droogies! 

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Free! Eternal Summer episode 12 locations: Sydney

Please do not repost without permission, watermarked to my twitter account @Ceestar928 
Blog entry

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Year Walk - Indie Games

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Sketch of Nny that I colored.

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Shakespidge the writer of such a plays.

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Miles McMillan for EDUN's Birds of Prey Campaign F/W 2012 filmed by Ryan McGinley.

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Dangan Ronpa ~ Kashokusei: Idol Shoukougun ~ [ Indulging: Idol Syndrome ] ~ { Remix }

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ViTriAo by 犬川

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This episode was very well illustrated. It really makes me proud to live in Sydney!

Archibald Fountain, Hyde Park


Bondi Beach





George St, The Rocks


Central Station


An older Sydney train (the detail is on point)



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"One isn’t the Loneliest Number" Milestone Giveaway

To celebrate my blog’s 1-month, 100+ followers, and 10,000+ notes (oh, and Gekkan's 11th episode!), I'm ecstatic to be giving away a copy of the Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun Fanbook!


  • Anyone can participate, even if you don’t follow me.
  • Reblogs and likes are go! I do ask that you please space out reblogs out of courtesy to followers and because Tumblr doesn’t recognize successive reblogs.
  • No giveaway blogs. I’ll be monitoring the entries, so please keep it real with me on this.


  • Giveaway ends October 1st, 11:59pm EDT. A winner will be selected via random number generator.
  • Winner will have 48 hours to respond to my ask, or else someone else will be chosen. Please keep your askbox open on the last day!
  • I’ll ship anywhere, just make sure you’re comfortable giving me your address.

Good luck, everyone, and thank you for all your support! Though really I think I just wanted an excuse to send this gorgeous thing off to a loving home.

(PSA: If you’d like to acquire the book yourself, AmiAmi, CD Japan, and honto have/will carry copies while supplies last.)

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